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Emili Brugalla, pianist

Emili Brugalla's training is profoundly self-taught. Even though he was awarded a diploma by the Conservatori Superior de MÖsica del Liceu de Barcelona, it was his family environment of bookbinder artists and music lovers that encouraged him to follow a professional music career.

Working with Eulřlia Sol╚ and encounters with personalities like Bruno Canino and Maria Curcio guided him finally towards the piano.

In 1982 he was awarded a prize in the "Young Musicians Contest" by the Joventuts Musicals de Catalunya. Two years later, he received a scholarship from that institution to further his studies with Maria Curcio, first at the "International Campus of Torruella de Montgr╠" and then in London.

Since then he has performed as a soloist and with chamber groups in countries as diverse as Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Brazil, Central America and the Middle East.

In 1995 he made friends with Maria Joao Pires who helped him better define his own ways of making music reach the public.

Emili Brugalla's repertoire is the reflection of a restless attitude which led him initially to be interested in current creation and subsequently to a review of the classics without, however, forgetting about contemporary music. His decision to opt for contemporary music has manifested itself in a wide range of activities: composition and electro-acoustic technique studies at the Phonos Foundation (Barcelona), contemporary piano studies with Eulřlia Sol╚ and later with Claude Helffer in Paris, the premiere of several pieces by living composers and participation - as a musician - in several editions of the Mostra Nacional de Joves Compositors. Recognition of his work in this field came in 1989 with the "Special Prize for the Best Player of Present-Day Catalan Music" awarded by the Associaci█ Catalana de Compositors.

Now he collaborates with several chamber groups such as the Barcelona 216 group and the Orquestra Simf┌nica de Barcelona i Nacional de Catalunya (OBC) in its Soloist programme. In 1997, he was presented as a soloist with the OBC in the Ib╦ria Concert by Manuel Blancafort, a piece which he has revised for the editors Boileau (Barcelona).

His recording includes pieces from the 20th century Catalan repertoire for solo piano, the whole works of Danzas EspaĎolas and other pieces by Enric Granados for the La Ma de Guido record company, and other chamber pieces by Robert Gerhard with Barcelona 216 for the Stradivarius record company.His next discographic projects includes the complete works of F. Mompou and Manuel de Falla for piano solo.