Born in Barcelona, she performs her first musical studies on guitar especiality with Natalia Demidoff, attending later the higher degree at the "Conservatori Superior de M˙sica del Liceu" with Jaume Torrent.

She also gets the Psychology degree at the University of Barcelona. After years of Psychology professional practice dedication, but without leaving the musical training, she nowadays devotes herself exclusively to musical teaching and composition.

Collection of medium level studies, in its majority, that joins the practice of many technical difficulties with a harmonic / melodic material that is easy to assimilate for the performer.

This work tries to enlarge a preliminary stage of the guitar study, which is treated briefly by the majority of methods. This stage is placed between the learning of the firsts frets of each string and the beginning of the polyphonic way of using the instrument. This enlargement makes it accessible to early ages and allows a more exact and detailed study of the instrument most basic features.

Five recreative pieces written with any expectation of filling a gap in this type of piano repertoire, that abounds in similar level and characteristics works.

Optional continuation of the first volume whose objective focuses on gradually go getting round each one of the technical difficulties that have to be surmounted for a correct guitar execution.

With the generic title of "╚gloga" this CD joins 21 pieces for key-board that try to musically illustrate the poetic text of the writer Carme SolÓ.

Seven passages of evident neo romantic style, which offer a comfortable lecture to the performer and don't try to predispose to any type of analysis that would try to go further away from a distended and pleasant hearing.

This is a descriptive kind work for only guitar that tries to make a free interpretation of the title. In this way, although the score has only one brief introduction and two sections, inside of each one we can identify many fragments that illustrate extreme and opposed states of mind.

This is based in a popular Turkish theme, which appears and reappears in many occasions during the work. This trio for three guitars shows unmistakable mediterranean root music.

Two easy pieces for piano, with nostalgic shades, that are written almost like improvisations.

This is a rhythm and chords amalgam that first recalls to a slow samba and then is transformed in a habanera. The title (the flamboyant) is a great charm tree that comes from the lands that this brief piece for one guitar tries to evoke.

This is a collection of 52 recreational pieces for guitar(one for each week of the year), with a low technical difficulty, whose purpose is to get an abundant repertoire where the technical difficulties that can hinder its execution have been avoided on purpose.

The objective of this compilation is, on the one hand, showing the ludic facet of the instrument from the firsts steps of its learning, and on the other hand, pro-vide a first repertoire to initial level students.


This is chamber music that is within elemental and mid level instrumentalists reach.

Recording of "30 Estudios para guitarra", "DistÝmia", and "Suite en Sol" done by the guitarist Joan Antoni MartÝnez and the violinist Gabriel Coll.