Antoni Massana (1890-1966)

foto pedrellAntoni Massana, composer and organist, tended in his composition to a chromatic style that is related to German romantic tradition. His inner need led him along paths that were not very easy. Let us recall, for instance, the Pastoral for organ, the melodies of which make us come close to Scriabin himself. He was a Jesuit priest. He lived in Barcelona, but he also spent two periods of his life in Rome, and he also travelled and lived in South America.

  • Orchestra

  • Scherzo (Pic.2.2.EH.2.BCl.2.CBn/ c. '  (in rev.)
    score  (pdf score-mansucript pag.1) 

    Simfonia (Pic.2.2.EH.2.2.CBn/ c. (in rev.)

    Suite per a orquestra de cambra  ( c. ' (in rev.)
    score  (pdf score-manuscript beginning) 

  • String Orchestra

  • Epitalami (c. 5')
    score  (pdf score) 

    Andantino (c. 12')
    score  (pdf score) 

    Impressions de primavera ()(in rev.)
    score (pdf score-manuscript pag.1) 

  • Soloist & String Orchestra

  • Canšˇ de bressol (Voice & Strings & Piano) (c. 2' ) (computer version)
    score  (pdf score) altaveu (computer version)

  • Chamber Ensemble

  • Sextet (2Vl.Vla.Vc.Cb.Pno) c. '  (in rev.)